5. Conference

Before you can join a conference, you need to subscribe to this conference.


In order to subscribe to a conference, you need to know the conference name or extension number and the conference PIN.
This information is to be found in your conference invitation.

Subscribe to a conference

- Enter the conference name or extension in the search bar.
You will see results in the active search, grouped by type and in alphabetic order.

Here is this example we are looking the conference "Milano" with the extension number 405.
The conference room was found and needs now to be subscribed to.

- Click on the entry conference.

- Enter the conference PIN number.

- Click on subscribe.


Once you are subscribed, you will see conference as a new tab in the menu of the app and you will see the conference you have subscribed to in the conference list.

For more information on the conference, click on the entry. A pop up will open.


Conference features

- To see the participants of your conference and to access conference features as mute / unmute etc., slide over the conference name.

- Click on the conference icon and go to the conference info.


The conference info looks as follows. Depending on in what way you participate in a conference, as a participant or presenter, you have different control possibilities over the conference.
In general, the following features are available in a conference:

  • mute or unmute participants
  • exclude a participant from the conference
  • invite participants
  • make the conference public or private

If you are a participant of a conference, you can only mute or unmute yourself. Other features are available for presenters only.